CD Preview: Die Form – B.A.C.H.

Aus persönlichen Gründen muß ich jetzt mal den letzten DIE FORM Newsletter hier zitieren. Gründe folgen am Schluß:



Official release date : 25th of January 2008 (TRISOL)

Please, contact us to reserve/pre-order (1 copy by order !) the ultra-limited edition (99 copies incl. a signed carbon ink print).

„Philippe Fichot’s French art project DIE FORM has always been a lot more than just a music band. For 25 years DIE FORM has represented an unrivalled fusion of music, performance, photography and experimental films. After numerous collaborations with other artists and more than 30 albums, many video clips and short films plus two volumes of photographs, the unique interpretation of Bach compositions – as it was performed live in Leipzig on the occasion of the Bach week in 2006 – is released on a new album.

Once again organic and electronic noise with neo classic elements is united with experimental structures with classic harmonies and vocals. And also again cold technical elements are confronted with the warm and erotic voice of Eliane P. Due to the sensational success of these Bach interpretations the performed songs are now presented on an official DIE FORM album and unfold the irresistible charm of the original performance on the basis of harmony and rhythm.

DIE FORM has long escaped the limits of dark electronics and presents a mature and genuine album that no aficionado of experimental sound worlds can elude.

ATTENTION : The album will appear as a luxurious first edition !

  • CD in A5 format in a precious slipcase, punched and with special lamination
  • Special accordion fold booklet and precious art print on selected high-quality
  • Including astonishing live photos from the Bach performance in Leipzig
  • Strictly limited to 1,999 copies world-wide incl. 99 copies with a signed carbon ink print“

Also available as Standard CD edition on METROPOLIS RECORDS (USA-CANADA)

Mein Augenmerk liegt auf dem fettgedrucktem Feature. Auch wenn ich nicht gerade soweit gehen würde sie „erstaunlich“ zu nennen, so freue ich mich doch sehr darüber dass es meine Photos sind die es ins Booklet geschafft haben. Also, am 25. Januar des nächsten Jahres erscheint das Werk auf dass ich mich auch aus musikalischer Sicht sehr freue. Das Konzert/Performance in Leipzig war ja wirklich klasse. Eine CD Rezension werde ich mit ziemlicher Sicherheit auch schreiben. Bis dahin muß ich mich aber noch ein wenig gedulden.

LG, Erik

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