publications and jobs


  • (2007) The first major release, where some of my works appeared, was the CD „Bach Project“ from the legendary french electro project „Die Form“ where some of my (very first) concert pictures were used for the Booklet.
  • (2007) Some of these pictures have also been used in the „Orkus“ music magazine.
  • (2010) I produced a calendar for the Formula Student Racingteam „Racetech“ at the Technical University of Freiberg
  • (2007-2011) Concertpictures for „Henke“, „The beautiful disease“, „Welle:Erdball“, „Broken Soldiers Project“ and „Silent Poem“ found some notice.


  • 5 Weddings (ceremony, bridal pair, party)
  • Reports for the international studentship in Freiberg